Nutrition is the most important factor influencing the success of artificial breeding.

We work in conjunction with Agri-Vet and A.I.M and encourage producers to meet the nutritional requirements of their livestock to get the most out of their breeding program.

There are a range of products available from A.I.M to meet your specific needs.


For more information on these products please contact us.

Agri-Vet Fertility Plus

A specially designed, unique, waterproof Mineral and Vitamin including a higher content of essential elements, Selenium and Magnesium to supplement as a loose mix or through Mineral dispensers to enhance the performance of all classes of Cattle.

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Grazemax Ultra

For animals grazing lush, fast growing pastures and fodder crops. High nutrient & carbohydrate profile for maximum productivity and minimum metabolic problems.

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Grazemax Edge

Budget Option – For animals grazing green feeds including pastures and fodder crops.  Boosts mineral and carbohydrate profile for improved health and productivity on green feeds.

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