About Us

About Us

Northern Artificial Breeders strives to be at the forefront of artificial breeding technologies and genetic progress in bovines. We provide easily accessible services for our clients, enabling them to achieve their breeding goals and improve their herds.



– Dedication –

 We are dedicated to helping our clients get better results through artificial breeding by improving calving rates, genetic gain and herd management.

– Integrity –

Northern AB operates under the importance of being reliable, trustworthy, honest and respectful towards our clients, staff and suppliers.

– Communication –

We are committed to providing beneficial information and assisting our clients when it is needed the most. This leads to better results in artificial breeding ventures from semen collection to insemination.

Director – Brendan Coonan


Prior to owning Northern AB, Brendan Coonan has accumulated years of experience in the cattle industry from managing large studs and commercial breeding properties. Brendan first came across artificial breeding techniques on these enterprises and has travelled internationally to assess bulls on their behalf.


Since taking over Northern Artificial Breeders in 2002, Brendan has inseminated and pregnancy tested hundreds of thousands of cattle as well as collected and tested thousands of bulls. He has travelled far and wide across Australia with our clients due to his dedication. 


Brendan’s knowledge of the beef industry and of artificial breeding is unparalleled and an asset to our clients. 


Brendan is accredited with the National Herd Improvement Association of Australia as a Professional Artificial Insemination Technician.

If you need better results with your herd, it is worth a talk with Brendan.