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Alpha sheaths are universal that support 0.25 and 0.5 sized AI guns. They have two lateral holes which give an even displacement of semen. Each packet contains 50 sheaths.


Universal sheaths are suitable with all types and sizes of AI guns. Each packet contains 50 sheaths.


Liquid Nitrogen Tanks 


The Taylor Wharton series carries a variety of different sized tanks for storage or transport of semen and liquid nitrogen. 

If interested in purchasing a tank, please call the office so we can find the best fit for you.

TW tanks

Ai Kit

The Stainless Steel AI kit box comes with everything needed to start artificially inseminating. The full kit comes with a pocket thermometer, thawing flask, scissors, sheaths, super sensitive gloves, tweezers, FLEXIA universal insemination guns, 500ml lube and paper towel, as well as the kit box itself.

AI Kit Boxes

Ai Gun

FLEXIA Universal Insemination guns are universal which allows for the use of mini or maxi straws and split sheaths. These stainless steel guns are an IMV product from France.


Thaw Flask

This flask has an adjustable digital temperature with 99% accuracy and a built-in timer with buzzer. The temperature can be set for conventional and sexed semen. It features a watertight lid with a pressure relief valve, a large straw basket and a fully insulated flask to help retain heat. It comes with 220vdc and 12vdc power supplies.


This simple polystyrene thawing flask is used in conjunction with a thermometer to ensure the correct temperature while thawing semen.



This digital thermometer can be used to check the water temperature of thawing flasks, or for use in the dairy or calf feeding. It comes with a water resistant probe cover, pocket clip and easy to read digital screen. Battery included.

Digital Thermometer

The dial thermometer can be used to check the water temperature of thawing flasks.



These shoulder length gloves are necessary for any insemination job. Each box contains 100 gloves.


These milking gloves (latex) are necessary for any insemination job for keeping your hands clean. Each box contains 100 gloves.


These milking gloves (nitrile) are necessary for any insemination job for keeping your hands clean. Each box contains 100 gloves.



We provide lube in 5 litre containers. Each bottle has a screw cap and handle for ease of use. Bottle pumps are available for purchase separately.

Lube (5L)


A CIDR (Controlled Internal Drug Release) device is inserted into the cow’s vagina and delivers progesterone at a controlled rate into the cow’s bloodstream. An applicator is needed to insert the CIDR and needs to be purchased separately.


This applicator is used to insert the cow CIDR device.

CIDR Appilcator



This bottle mounted vaccinator gun allows you to hold all your vaccinating equipment in one hand, allowing for full range of motion and ease of use. Multiple guns available for specific drugs as well as general vaccinator guns.


The flexitube can be used to attached to the front of your vaccinating gun to give you more control when vaccinating.


Heat Detection


ScratchE’s are stickers that are a visual indication of a cow cycling. The sticker is affixed on the lower part of the spine and when the top silver film is scraped off showing a bright colour as an indication of being ridden. We stock a variety of colours.


Tail Paint

Tailpaint is a helpful identifier in dairies. We stock a variety of different colours.